Monday, November 17, 2008

The Big Consultation at the U of U

So Todd and I had our big consultation at the Utah Clinic for Reproductive Medicine. I had to gather all of my medical records from the past 2 years and fill out a bunch of paperwork. I couldn't help looking around the waiting room at the other couples there and wondering... "What are THEY here for?"

We met our doctor, Kirtly Jones, and she was really nice. She was down to earth and no-nonsense. She asked us questions and really listened to our answers. I have been interviewed many times by doctors who I felt weren't really listening. She actually made eye contact and asked follow up questions. She was thorough! She was trying to assess if we are good candidates to do In Vitro Fertilization with their clinic. They have certain criteria, and if you are not a good fit they don't want to take you on. They would rather have a good success rate rather than your money. That's the benefit of working with a University Hospital (U of U). And frankly, we don't want to go through that again unless we are good candidates. So we appreciated the second opinion.

After the interview, I got to be examined... also, very thoroughly. She looked at my ovaries in ultrasound and we saw that I most likely would ovulate from the left side this month... this was interesting to me because I have not felt one lick of pain this month from the right side. It's been months since I have had a reprieve.

Dr. Jones thinks we are good candidates. She does have two caveats: we do have to have Todd tested (again!) so that we have current test results on his "swimmers", and she wants me to find out why Dr. Richards and Dr. Slater (my last team of In Vitro people) implanted our eggs on day two instead of day three. Dr. Jones said that if they did that of their own volition then we're OK, but if they implanted the eggs because they didn't think they would survive then we might not be good candidates. (I think it was the former, they were following a pre-set schedule.)

So we have a lot to consider. We are in no rush. We are so grateful to all of you who have donated funds to help us. We realized after this appointment that we are not able to fund this endeavor ourselves, nor can we even make an attempt without your help, so THANK YOU for your continued support!